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Doctor, Doctor, I have a fire in my pants!

You've come to the right place, I have a water hose in mine...

11 November 1979
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I write stories of erotica. These are based on truths and inspired by many things. Names, and places are tweaked and changed around a bit, otherwise its pretty much all verbatim.

I like writing, I like it a lot, probably as much as I like sex and the female form. So I guess, LJ is a good place as any to make new friends, discuss sex, throw in a few jokes in the middle and to help them masturbate (by telling dirty stories) What else could a guy ask for?

I'm a bit of a nerd or geek you could say. Love to read/watch sci-fi/fantasy, orchestra based soundtracks as opposed to any other, voice over acting, read comics, surf the net for porn, give to the needy whenever I can(or the wallet allows), have sex, and to practice becoming a writer.

Feel free to add me or read up on my entries. Oh, and do leave a comment.
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