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So I saw these today and I had to take a picture and a bite. And yes, I had them, and yes, they were quite good actually. Quite good, in fact.


Is it true?

Just because you can make someone smile or laugh, doesn't mean you can make 'em happy for the rest of their lives. Had a discussion with someone and I was told this.

Things I'd never do naked.

  • Cook. Since my genitalia dangles I would not be fond of roast pecker.
  • Read the newspaper. I get really bad paper cuts.
  • Paint. Patches of strange paint on parts of my body I'd never see would be kinda... strange.
  • Answer the door. I'm happy with my body. Not that happy.
  • Eating something hot with no table or tray. Spillage would be bad. Very bad.
  • Watch day time TV. I have a feeling my genitals would disappear.
  • Carpentry. No.
  • Go on a picnic.
  • Skydive
  • Talk to a guy on the phone. Would not be right. Though if a woman called... 

Those are just some of the few things I would not do naked, if you've got a list (I'm sure you have) please post your list in the comments or on your own LJ.

Thanks goes to eva for suggesting what my next post should be about.


Conversations with Eva. Part 2.

DrF: So what kind of porn would you like to see?
eva: bondage .. and .. sex
DrF: Uh...
eva: Don't just bind a girl up and whip her to death ... actually fuck the poor thing!